Ultimate Lavender Sunscreen

Perfect combination for UV protection solution, filled in with 1-micron double spherical capsule to stabilize the efficiency of the solution. With the W/O/W encapsulating technique, our product is safe and prevent skin irritation. It also provides more UV protection than other sunscreen.

Price : 880.-

Special price : 680.-

cream-edit3Encapsulating Technique

Provide perfect UV protection compared to other sunscreen.


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High Energy Visible Light (HEV)

High Energy Visible Light (HEV) HEV, ranging from violet to blue spectrum, has the most energy of the visible spectrums generated by sunlight.


Innovative product to protect your skin from sunlight, synthetic solution which is designed to absorb the violet to blue spectrum. This synthetic melanin will stabilize in your skin and absorb only the HEV light (HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE Light) range, which high in energy and causes DNA-Damage and wrinkles. From the graph below, we can see that Melanin can absorbs more light spectrum with the wavelength between 400-500 mm which is dangerous to our skin than those Melanin that can be found in nature. But the synthetic Melanin will not be affected by light with wavelength between 600-750 mm which is beneficial to our skin.


Melanin –HEV Protection